About Us

“The International Club at Truman State University Truman works to promote a better understanding, unity and cooperation between all students.”


International Club (I-Club) was formed and chartered in the 1935 by a group of students who were dedicated in creating a social awareness and understanding between American students, students who were foreign born and/or recent immigrants to the U.S. Today, I-Club continues to achieve these goals and strives to foster an understanding between International students about each others’ cultures.

I-Club aims to bring awareness about international issues on campus, openness to ethnic diversity, as well as provide services to the campus and Kirksville community through international exchange.

The International Club is open to all students at Truman regardless of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, political affiliation or sexual orientation. Members pay a membership fee, participate in and plan I-Club events, as well as attend regular meetings.

Since 1935, I-Club has held a number of events on campus. This includes annual events such as: International Dinner, International Week, Fall Formal, International Idol, Fashion Show, Mr. & Ms. International (started in fall 2016), Running Truman (started in Fall 2014), and Holi (started Spring 2015).

I-Club gives students a chance to get involved in other campus activities with American students such as the Homecoming Parade and Diversity Retreat. I-Club also works with other organizations on campus with various diversity-focused events like Asia Fest and International Education Week.

To promote a sense of community, have fun, and give members an opportunity to get to know each other better, I-Club organizes several social events throughout the year. I-club social events include movie nights, game nights, trips to Leisure World for bowling or roller-skating, the Aquatic Center for swimming, a picnic at Thousand Hills park, and various other activities on the weekends.

In 2001, I-Club decided to go global on the World Wide Web and launched its website. In 2011, we re-designed the website to improve communication and content management. You can also find International Club on Facebook, Instagram (iclub.truman), and Snapchat (iclub_truman). Come “friend” or “like” us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with I-Club news and show your support. 

is always open to new ideas, and we hope that through opening the channels of communication, these ideas can be shared!


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