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Feel free to let us know what you think about the International Club. We need your feedback about our meetings, our events, and everything else that we do. You are also more than welcome to just say hello to us. We do want to hear from you. If you have suggestions, feel free to inform us. Do not be afraid to share your opinions. We will try to accommodate everyone. Thank you for your feedback!

Here are the ways that you can contact us:

  1. E-mail us at
  2. Talk to, write to, or e-mail one (or more) of the I-Club executives.
  3. Write a note and drop it in our organizational mailbox, located in the Student Involvement Complex of the lower level of the Student Union Building.
  4. Write to us by filling out the online form below.

Again, we would love to hear from you. Drop by our meeting, write to us, or even better yet, join us.

Have a great day!