International Club in Action

Have fun with us!…

International Club gives students a chance to get involved in a wide variety of campus activities. We participate in many on-campus activities by both hosting our own events and helping/participating in events hosted by other organizations.

Weekly Meetings

At our weekly meetings (held every Tuesday at 8pm in BH302), we discuss events, games, Member Focus, and Global Focus. Every week, different members volunteer to do Global Focus or Member Focus (these presentations switch off each week). Global Focus is an informative presentation/discussion focusing on the international topic that the presenting student feels is important and interesting to share with the club. It can be something as personal as from the student’s country or culture, or a worldwide issue. Past presentation topics vary from introducing food and top attractions to marriage or holidays celebrated in various regions. Member Focus is a presentation where the club learns more about a few selected members. Students take turns and volunteer to share their stories.

Semi-Formal Dance

For those who are interested in listening to the tunes of other cultures, our Semi Formal Dance is guaranteed to please their needs. Our Semi Formal is held once a year and it features music from all over the world. Where there is a beat, we will play it. This gives an opportunity for people to socialize and dance all night long.

International Idol

Heard of American Idol?  We have our own version here at Truman: International Idol. Voted the Most Outstanding Event in 2002, this is an international talent show held in the fall semester in which anyone can apply (by yourself or in a group) to perform an act that showcases his or her talent. The International Idol brings cultures together, forming a spectacle that will definitely make your night. It is typically held during the fall semester.


Nepalese Dance Performance

International Dinner

The International Dinner was voted as the best event on campus. It is usually held during the spring semester in a formal fashion. Tickets are $10 and all 300 were sold out within a day! It attracts not only Truman faculty and students but also Kirksville residents. This amazing dinner features 20 authentic dishes and several cultural performances from all over the world. The dishes and performances are prepared by teams of international students (including American students). At the end of the evening, the audience votes for the “Best Dish”. This event gives the Kirksville community a chance to learn about different ways of life (and provides an opportunity to test one’s global knowledge in our international trivia).

Students enjoying International Dinner

Other Activities

We also participate in /co-host Asia Fest, International Education Week, Big Event, Holi and more. To serve and help the community, we hold several service events with the funds benefiting Child Fund International.  For social activities, we have pot lucks and movie nights every semester to bring members together and have fun.

All of our activities are targeted in exhibiting the diversity on our campus. So far, with the participation of our members and the community, we have been able to do so successfully. There is no doubt, however, that we can still take it to a whole new level. With your participation, we hope to continue to bring these events and new events to the Kirksville Community and Truman Campus. Come join International Club and have a blast with us!

*For more information on past events, check out our Pictures and Videos.