The International Club Constitution

As Amended in 2017:

Truman State University, Kirksville MO 63501

Article I – Name

The name of this organization is International Club of Truman State University.

Article II – Purpose

The main goal of this organization is to promote cultural diversity across the population of Truman State University and the City of Kirksville. The International Club will also act as a platform for interaction and cultural exchange among the International students at Truman State University.

Article III – Membership

Any student, staff or faculty member enrolled at Truman State University may be a member of the International Club. However, exceptions may be made to people not meeting the above criteria at the discretion of the executive committee.

Article IV – Amendments

  1. The constitution to the International Club may be amended by a two-thirds majority of all members present at the meeting when voting takes place.
  2. The proposed amendments to the constitution shall be reread, debated and voted on at least one week after the proposal has been made.
  3. Any member of the International Club may propose amendments to the constitution. However, he/she must inform the president of the international club at least one meeting before the proposal.
  4. The by-laws to the International Club may be changed at will by a simple majority of all the present members of the International Club.

Article V – Treasury

  1. There will be only one bank account to the International Club.
  2. Funds of the International Club shall be withdrawn from the bank on the signature of the Treasurer. No funds may be withdrawn without the authorization of the Treasurer and the President.
  3. The Executive committee must approve all expenditures before the money is spent.

Article VI – Administration

  1. The administration of the International Club shall be vested in the Executive committee that includes the officers and the coordinators appointed by the President or elected by the club.
  2. The officers of the International Club shall be elected in the manner prescribed by the constitution and the by-laws.
  3. The President may appoint coordinators for as many areas as deemed necessary.

Article VII – Elections

  1. The officers to be elected will be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Social Chairs, 2 PR Chairs, Service, and Documentarian.  The members of the International Club will also elect the coordinators for all the positions decided by the President.
  2. Elections for the Executive committee and coordinators of the International Club shall be held at a general meeting in April as deemed appropriate by the President. The afore mentioned officers shall be elected and the new President can then open the floor for nominations for all the coordinators he/she feels necessary.
  3. Nominations for the officers and coordinators must be filed at the meeting preceding the election. Any member of the International Club may nominate any other member or himself/herself for any position except for the position of president.
  4. Eligibility for Presidential Nomination. All student members that meet requirements as outlined by the constitution are eligible for the post. In order to ensure an informed continuity of policies, and programs, to keep up relations with other organizations and to ensure familiarity with the structures, events and procedures of International Club and the Truman community and administration, the position of President shall be filled by a former officer of International Club. In the event that there is only one person who fits this description (i.e. only one member has previously held office who has accepted a nomination), this position may be open to any appointed member who has been an active member of IC for at least one full semester. In the event that no appointed members or officers fit this description, any member in good standing can be nominated for position of president.
  5. The term of office for all the officers and coordinators of the International Club will be one year.
  6. The maximum term of office for any officer or coordinator in a particular office is no more than 2 years.
  7. Voting will be done by secret ballot and no person shall cast more than one vote. Any person who casts more than one vote for a position shall have his/her vote disqualified.
  8. An officer or coordinator may win an election by winning a simple majority of all legal votes.
  9. For a member to be nominated for any position, he/she must be an active member of the club and must be a student at Truman State University.
  10. No nation may be represented by more than one person in the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary in the International Club. However, the advisor to the International Club may decide otherwise if such a situation arises.
  11. The President doesn’t qualify as a voter unless there is a tie in any election.
  12. All officers and coordinators shall assume office at the next general meeting after they have been elected.

Article VIII – Duties of Officers

  1. The President shall preside over all meetings, represent the Club in all situations requiring official representations, see that the constitution is upheld and that all other officers properly execute the duties of their offices. He/she is responsible for the business at the general meetings and must give a progress report to all the members of the club at the last meeting of the year or any other date deemed appropriate by the president.
  2. The Vice-President may at any time be called upon to assume the duties of the President, either at the latter’s request or in the absence of the President. He/she shall automatically become President in the event of the President’s leaving Truman State University or being in any other way rendered incapable of fulfilling his/her duties.
  3. The Secretary is responsible for the duties assigned to him/her by the President, taking role at meetings and keeping an accurate record of all the business taken care of at the meeting. He/she is also responsible for all correspondence between the club and its members.
  4. The Treasurer is responsible for all the duties as defined for the Treasury of the International Club. He/she will also be responsible for any fundraising activities for the club and keep track of all money spent and received.
  5. All other coordinators are assigned duties by the President.
  6. All officers and coordinators of the International Club must attend all meetings called by the President. All executive members are allowed 3 excused absences per semester. In addition to the regular penalties associated with inactive member status, executive members will be removed from office.  An emergency election will be held to fill in the position. The emergency election will follow standard election rules and procedures as listed.
  7. Executive members may have additional excused absences in the case of extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances will be judged on a case-by-case basis by the executive committee.
  8.  Executive members need to notify the president at least 12 hours before the event via a formal email to be excused unless in an emergency situation. The President may or may not excuse him/her.
  9. After 2 unexcused absences in a semester, an officer will be automatically removed from office and a replacement election will be held at the next general meeting.

Article IX – Duties of Members

  1. All members of the International Club shall abide by the constitution of the International Club.
  2. All members of the International Club shall perform the duties assigned to them by the President unless circumstances are extenuating.
  3. All members of the International Club shall attend all the general meetings.
  4. A member may be excused from a meeting if he/she informs the Secretary of the Club before 12:00 pm the day of the meeting.
  5. A member will be allowed no more than 3 unexcused absences in a semester. On the 3rd absence, the member will be notified that they have used all of their absences and will be issued a warning. On the 4th absence, the member may be deemed as an inactive member of the International Club for the rest of the semester.
  6. An inactive member of the International Club is one who
    1. May not vote in general elections or constitutional amendments
    2. will have their CSI status for the organization changed to inactive
    3. May not attend any social events for the duration of their inactive status.
  7. A member may resume active status the next semester (providing that dues have been paid).
  8. Participation Requirement: In order to get broader participation from members and to ensure maximum member participation, All Members of the international Club, with exception of faculty and honorary members, are required to attend at least one International Club event per semester, and are required to be actively involved in the planning or organizing of one event (service, social, or fundraising) in the club each semester to fulfill a participation requirement.
    1. Most devoted members are randomly picked at the end of the semester to receive prizes. Prizes are determined by the executive committee. 

Article X – Adviser

  1. The International Club must have an Adviser at all times. He/she may be any faculty or staff member of Truman State University.
  2. The term for an Adviser is indefinite until he/she decides to resign.
  3. The Adviser’s duty is to make sure that the Executive committee is functioning in accordance with the constitution. The Adviser also makes sure that the International Club is not breaking any of the rules and regulations set forth by Truman State University or any legal laws.
  4. The Adviser may at any time dissolve the executive committee of the International Club if he/she feels that they are not performing their duties stated in the constitution.
  5. The Adviser also oversees the election process.

Article XI – Voting Procedures

  1. General Voting: All present at the meeting are eligible to vote. (General voting includes voting on things like logos, t-shirts, entertainment venues, i.e. all voting except elections).
  2. Electoral Voting Procedures: We will follow “Trickle – Down” voting procedures, for all elections for executive board members. Voting will begin at the top executive position, President. This officer may then decline or accept the position. If nominee declines, runner-up will be given the option to occupy the executive position. If the nominee accepts a position, all other members nominated for that position are automatically be considered for next position in line of command, (i.e. Vice- President, Secretary) and so forth until all positions are filled. (Chain of command is: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Social and PR Chair. If a candidate is chosen from a country that is already represented in the top four positions, this candidate is disqualified from running for the position and must trickle-down to the next available position that the diversity requirement does not affect.
  3. Fair Voting Clause: Opportunity should be given for nominee to address members before voting takes place. Provision should be made for all nominated to have an open and frank discussion about the nominee’s qualifications for a post prior to voting for the post a nominee is standing for.
  4. Constitutional Changes: All voting for constitutional changes must be restricted to members only. Prior to the vote, membership list must be updated and be current at time of vote. Issues of concern (pros and cons) must be highlighted prior to the vote. Time must be allocated for responses to the issue.

Article I – Membership

  1. Membership dues shall be $10/semester or $15/year.
  2. Honorary membership may be given to any individual by a majority of members present at any general meeting.

Article II – Meetings

  1. General meetings shall be held every week beginning with the second week of the school year.
  2. If an extra meeting is required, the President may declare one with the majority vote of the present members.
  3. Holidays may be accepted at a majority vote of the members present at a meeting.