Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join International Club?

Everyone is welcome to the I-Club. We are here to increase awareness for diversity around campus and everyone is surely able to do so. We welcome all cultures and that includes American culture as well.

How can I join the International Club?

You can come to our informational meeting, held on Tuesday of the second week each semester to get further information about the I-Club and register yourself to be a member. If you missed the informational meeting, feel free to come to the following meetings and talk to the Executive officers to request membership.

How much are the membership dues?

Membership dues are as follows: Yearly Membership — $15.00; Semester Membership — $10.00. This money goes towards I-Club funds, which will be spent on social activities for members and I-Club events.

When and where does I-Club meet?

I-Club typically meets every week on Tuesday at 7:00 pm (beginning the second week of classes), in Baldwin Hall 303.

Why would I want to join International Club?

The International Club gives you an opportunity to be involved on campus to raise awareness for diversity throughout the community. The International Club also gives you a unique experience of working with people of different nationalities and backgrounds, that will help you develop the skills to work well in a diverse team.

How can I be an Executive officer?

Election for executive officers is held at the end of the Spring semester. Anyone interested In being an officer must then prepare a 3-5 minutes speech that highlight why he/she is the right candidate for the job. For more information on this, please visit our Constitution Article VII and VIII about Elections and Executives’ duties.


If you did not find your question(s) here, feelĀ free to contact the International Club regarding your question(s) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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