Executive Board




Mansi Trivedi

Mansi is a Sophmore Biology and Health Sciences double major with a Chemistry minor on the pre-med track. She aspires to go to med school and enter the field of cardiology one day. She lives in Saint Louis with her family, but is ethnically Indian. Her life motto is “seek to be worth knowing rather than being well-known”.  She loves listening to Pop and Bollywood music, and her favorite singers include Charlie Puth and Arijit Singh. She joined International Club during freshman year and has fallen in love with everything the club has to offer. This is her second semester on the exec board, and she is thrilled to be a part of it once again. She hopes this will be an exciting academic year with International Club!

Vice President

Je Ni Koo

Jeni is a Junior Business Administration/Management major. She is Korean by nationality, but was raised in Guatemala. She loves eating food from all around the world and hopes to become more culturally aware and learn a lot from different people. After college, she hopes to become a lawyer and hopefully contribute to the Latin American justice system.



Melissa Lee

Melissa is a Senior Statistics major. She enjoys playing basketball, cooking and doing things outside in general. Her home country is the Netherlands. Her goal is to do data analysis in hospitals or public health in general.


Lasitha Madurawala

Lasitha and is from Sri Lanka and is currently a junior accounting major with an economics minor.  One of his favorite quotes is “We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams” from Jimmy Carter.

Social Chair

Smruthi Chintakunta

Smruthi is a Senior Biology and Psychology. She loves International Club and has been a part of it since her Freshman year. She hopes to make new friends and meet new people from all backgrouds and ethnicities in International Club. She also hopes that International Club is a place where members feel at home and can learn more about cultures the did not know about before.

Service Chair

Dravid Paiva

Dravid is a Junior Biology major and Forensic Science minor from Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. He said anyone who hears his name thinks it is overly complicated, but “It’s just David with a R”. He is into research and music, two things that go surprisingly well together, plus he gets to work with reptiles.

Public Relation Representative

Ashley Bone

Ashley is a Sophmore French major. She really enjoys getting to know more about cultures and languages. She is an aspiring French teacher and she hopes to be able to travel the world one day.


Fundraising Representatives

Melanie Kuster

Melanie is a Sophmore Anthropology major. She likes to keep her life “fun and flirty”. She is still trying to figure out what she is doing here and with her life, but that won’t stop her from having a good time. She also said if you ever need a hug, come to her!

Esther Njoki
Esther is a Sophmore Biology major on the Pre-med track. One of her favorite quotes is “be the best of you, uniqueness is what makes us different”.


Mallory Rodell


Mallory is a sophmore Anthropology major and Spanish minor. She enjoys traveling and spent this last winter break studying abroad in Chile. She is involved in Marching Band, CCF and is a CHAT tutor.